My First Full Week

My first full week of structured triathlon training completed with relative ease. Going into the week I wasn’t too concerned about the mileage, my real concern is fitting it around the shifts I work. I know that everybody has the same problem.

I have 2 problems with the training I need to overcome. First is that I’m not very good at waking up if I don’t have to. When I start work at 5am and my alarm goes off at 4:10am, no problem but anything else forget it. My second problem is when I’m on my afternoon shift which is 1pm-9:30pm, most of the pools around where I live have school swims during the day. This means I have to be at the pool for 8am!

I’ve been on annual leave this week so it hasn’t been a true representation of a real week but that was a good thing. I got all the workouts done everyday without any issue and I could get used to training 6 days out of 7. My wife and I just bummed around for most of week, cinema, a few dinners and a whole lot of Madam Secretary on Sky box sets, A WHOLE LOT! If you’re not watching it already, you need to. I have a bit of an obsession with watching American series’, I  watch far too many, which I’m sure I will have to cut back as the training load increases.

Back to the training. I followed my training plan almost to the letter. I enjoyed the week, getting outside and doing something and not feeling like I’m out there for no reason. I completed almost 30km in 3 hours over the 3 disciplines. That’s a lot of 3’s!!! I am pretty chuffed with myself for sticking to it, granted I didn’t have many obstacles like work or commitments but still I got it done. I felt pretty good during the week, with each swim session I’m thinking more about technique and I can feel myself improving. On the bike and run I feel my fitness is improving each time I go out.


My moan of the week

I was at the pool and there was a lady in the fast lane with me, there was only the 2 of us in the lane. I don’t feel I’m worthy of being in the fast lane just yet but every time I’ve been to the pool I haven’t been the slowest so I’ll stick with it. Anyway this lady was slowwww, so slow I started as she was at the opposite end of the pool (25m pool) and still I caught her less than half way back, then trying to overtake her was a mission because she was in the middle. Then as we neared the end together wouldn’t let me nip in front. The middle and slow lanes only had a handful of people. So obviously I huffed and puffed rather than actually say anything to her. Rant over. Maybe I’m being petty?!

Let’s see what this week brings. Happy Training!



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