Virgin Triathlete

Let me start by telling you a little about myself and why I signed up for a triathlon. My name is George Davies, I am 26 years old and I live in Oxford. In June 2016 I joined Slimming World weighing 15.6 st, 7 months on I have lost almost 3 stone and feel so much better for it.

I have always liked the idea of doing a triathlon but have never gone through with it, I’ve done the odd fun run here and there but never committed to training properly. A few months ago I signed myself up for The Bloodwise Blenheim Triathlon. It has been all I have talked about, for somebody who has never taken part in a triathlon I talk a good race.

I sit writing my first blog post on the eve of a 12 week training plan I have decided to follow to get my self ready. I thought it might be a good idea to write about my experiences, my failures and hopefully a few successes. I’m going to be a newbie in 2 aspects of my life and I hope that they both improve significantly.

I have been training around 3 times a week since December but tomorrow is when it really ramps up. There is just under 16 weeks until the Blenheim Triathlon, I intend to sign up for a warm up triathlon in 12 weeks. I want to try everything out and try to avoid making any stupid mistakes at Blenheim.

So here it goes, tomorrow is 1km in the pool. Wish me luck!


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