My First Full Week

My first full week of structured triathlon training completed with relative ease. Going into the week I wasn’t too concerned about the mileage, my real concern is fitting it around the shifts I work. I know that everybody has the same problem.

I have 2 problems with the training I need to overcome. First is that I’m not very good at waking up if I don’t have to. When I start work at 5am and my alarm goes off at 4:10am, no problem but anything else forget it. My second problem is when I’m on my afternoon shift which is 1pm-9:30pm, most of the pools around where I live have school swims during the day. This means I have to be at the pool for 8am!

I’ve been on annual leave this week so it hasn’t been a true representation of a real week but that was a good thing. I got all the workouts done everyday without any issue and I could get used to training 6 days out of 7. My wife and I just bummed around for most of week, cinema, a few dinners and a whole lot of Madam Secretary on Sky box sets, A WHOLE LOT! If you’re not watching it already, you need to. I have a bit of an obsession with watching American series’, I  watch far too many, which I’m sure I will have to cut back as the training load increases.

Back to the training. I followed my training plan almost to the letter. I enjoyed the week, getting outside and doing something and not feeling like I’m out there for no reason. I completed almost 30km in 3 hours over the 3 disciplines. That’s a lot of 3’s!!! I am pretty chuffed with myself for sticking to it, granted I didn’t have many obstacles like work or commitments but still I got it done. I felt pretty good during the week, with each swim session I’m thinking more about technique and I can feel myself improving. On the bike and run I feel my fitness is improving each time I go out.


My moan of the week

I was at the pool and there was a lady in the fast lane with me, there was only the 2 of us in the lane. I don’t feel I’m worthy of being in the fast lane just yet but every time I’ve been to the pool I haven’t been the slowest so I’ll stick with it. Anyway this lady was slowwww, so slow I started as she was at the opposite end of the pool (25m pool) and still I caught her less than half way back, then trying to overtake her was a mission because she was in the middle. Then as we neared the end together wouldn’t let me nip in front. The middle and slow lanes only had a handful of people. So obviously I huffed and puffed rather than actually say anything to her. Rant over. Maybe I’m being petty?!

Let’s see what this week brings. Happy Training!



Virgin Triathlete

Let me start by telling you a little about myself and why I signed up for a triathlon. My name is George Davies, I am 26 years old and I live in Oxford. In June 2016 I joined Slimming World weighing 15.6 st, 7 months on I have lost almost 3 stone and feel so much better for it.

I have always liked the idea of doing a triathlon but have never gone through with it, I’ve done the odd fun run here and there but never committed to training properly. A few months ago I signed myself up for The Bloodwise Blenheim Triathlon. It has been all I have talked about, for somebody who has never taken part in a triathlon I talk a good race.

I sit writing my first blog post on the eve of a 12 week training plan I have decided to follow to get my self ready. I thought it might be a good idea to write about my experiences, my failures and hopefully a few successes. I’m going to be a newbie in 2 aspects of my life and I hope that they both improve significantly.

I have been training around 3 times a week since December but tomorrow is when it really ramps up. There is just under 16 weeks until the Blenheim Triathlon, I intend to sign up for a warm up triathlon in 12 weeks. I want to try everything out and try to avoid making any stupid mistakes at Blenheim.

So here it goes, tomorrow is 1km in the pool. Wish me luck!